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    Day 112

    While I was flying out of Florence, I thought of all the accomplishments I have made in these four months. I have learned...

    Day 111

    After the visit to the Accademia with my sculpture professor, he recommended me visit the Porcellino statue located behind Piazza del Mercato Nuovo....

    Day 110

    Today was the last day at my internship. I have learned so much through this professional experience - more than I expected. Not...

    Day 109

    As my study abroad experience in Florence is coming to an end, I walked on the Ponte Vecchio and noticed that the bridge...

    Day 108

    On this day of the Italian and Fashion final, I decided to study in the Gucci Cafe. It never ceases to amaze me...

    Day 107

    This was the last day of sculpture class, and we displayed our work for a final critique. I have learned so much in...

    Day 106

    Today was the cooking class practical final exam. I made a chocolate soufflé with orange sauce. The adorations that Italians have for chocolate...

    Day 105

    Before leaving Paris, I revisited the Arc de Triomphe. In the arc, artists Jean-Pierre Cortot, François Rude, Antoine Étex, James Pradier and Philippe Joseph...

    Day 104

    We spent a majority of today visiting the Eiffel Tower, which had a very long line to reach the top levels. While going...

    Day 103

    On Friday early in the morning, we left for Paris. In the early afternoon, we visited the Louvre. The museum was so large...